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Specialty Storage + Shelving


Tall cabinets, mobile carts and moveable shelves for the safekeeping and organization of materials, supplies, glassware and microscopes.

A successful laboratory environment is an organized one, free of clutter and debris. Longo offers tall fixed cases, mobile cabinets and carts for neatly storing various supplies and materials in the classroom. Having a sufficient amount of storage in your workspace enhances student productivity and ensures safer performing of day to day activities in the lab.

High-Density Shelving for Educational Labs

High-Density Shelving

Slidable shelving with an anti-tilt design, for storing lab supplies and maximizing usable workspace.

Tall Storage for Educational Labs

Tall Storage

Tall storage cases, constructed of solid oak, for storing and organizing supplies and equipment.

Tall Storage for Educational Labs
Mobile Storage for Educational Labs

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage with lockable cabinet doors and heavy-duty casters, for storing and transporting materials from one work area to another.

Want More?

The laboratory design specialists at Longo have decades of experience planning laboratories that suit specific needs. Speak with an expert about choosing specialty storage and shelving that will help you best meet your goals.