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Longo provides portable storage carts and cabinets for transporting microscopes, carry-alls, tote trays, specimen trays and miscellaneous lab materials. Whether used independently or positioned side-by-side as an under-bench storage system, our mobile storage units are offered in a variety of configurations, all mounted on swivel casters with two locking brakes. With many door and drawer options, adjustable and pull-out shelf styles, vertical dividers and other organizational accessories, our mobile storage furniture is designed to flex and flow with your individual needs. Longo’s mobile carts and cabinets are a great way to maintain an obstruction-free, safe classroom, while keeping additional materials and equipment close at hand.


  • Mobile Storage Types: Project Storage, Tote Tray, General Storage, Drawer/ Cupboard, Compartmental, Flat Stock, Carry-alls, Portable Cart, Sorting Cart
  • Standard Dimensions 60-3/4″H / 21-5/8″D // 36″H / 24″D
  • Available Widths 35″ / 47″W
  • Shelf Style as Pull-out, Height Adjustable or Fixed
  • Solid Wood Base Construction With Chem-resistant UV Finish


Wood Base Cabinets
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Fall Harvest
  • Northern Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Ginger