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Longo offers dynamic Utility Shelving by Sheldon, as an economical storage solution for prep rooms and other areas of the laboratory where bulk items and supplies should be safely stored and organized. The open style and height adjustability of the shelves provide easy access to everyday items as well as the flexibility to be repositioned in order to accommodate more or larger supplies. Made from sturdy hardwood with a chemical-resistant finish, Sheldon’s Utility Shelves are built to withstand the harsh conditions and high level of usage found in most educational science environments.

Utility Shelving is offered in two heights and available in either a fixed or movable style. The taller height units have a total of five shelves, with one center shelf that remains in a fixed position to maintain the overall stability of the structure. Movable or high-density shelving is mounted on a carriage system and installed using roll-on metal tracks, which eliminates the need for floor trenching. Our high-density shelving bays are available with a single or double-faced design and feature an anti-tilt safety mechanism to meet safety regulations and seismic code requirements where necessary.


  • Fixed Unit Heights – 42″/ 82″H
  • 42″H Unit with Two Adjustable Shelves
  • Two Shelf Unit Depths – 12″/ 16″/ 22″D
  • Two Shelf Unit Widths – 18”/ 24”/ 30”/ 35”W
  • 82″H Unit with Four Adjustable + One Fixed Shelf
  • Five Shelf Unit Depths – 12″/ 24″D
  • Five Shelf Unit Widths – 30″/ 35″W
  • High-density Unit Height – 81″H
  • Movable / High-density Bays with Single or Double-faced Design
  • Solid Hardwood Shelves with Chemical-resistant Finish
  • Phenolic Resin Shelves Optional
  • Standard Shelf Thickness is 3/4″
  • Front Edge of Shelves with Standard 1/2″ Lip


Wood Base Cabinets
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Fall Harvest
  • Northern Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Ginger