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Longo offers a variety of tall storage units with a diverse range of organizational components such as adjustable shelves, tote tray compartments, vertical dividers, file drawers, equipment hooks, garment hangers and pull-out carriers, to name a few. Tall cases and cabinets provide storage for laboratory glassware and student equipment in the prep room, as well as wardrobe items, cleaning supplies, microscopes and apparatus panels in the main classroom area.

Longo’s tall storage units come in a variety of widths, and many door and drawer configurations. Framed glass or solid full-length doors are available as hinged or sliding for display units and easy access general storage. Skeleton and Torso teaching aides are typically stored in tall display cabinets, equipped with framed glass doors, and either a pull-out carrier or pull-out shelf, respectively. The Torso Cabinet contains adjustable shelves, as do many of our other tall storage units, designed for storing and organizing miscellaneous tools and materials. From flasks and beakers, to microscopes, smocks, totes and torsos, Longo has a tall storage facility to accommodate your specialty storage needs.


  • Height 82-3/4″H
  • Widths 18″/ 24″/ 35″/ 47″W
  • Hinged or Sliding Door Style
  • Full Length Solid Wood or Framed Glass Door
  • Shelves as Fixed, Adjustable, Sloped or Pull-out
  • Pull-out Full Height Carrier or Pull-out Shelf Option
  • Hanging Hooks, Pegboards, Tote Trays and Other Accessory Options


Wood Base Cabinets
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Fall Harvest
  • Northern Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Ginger