Waldner’s Secuflow | Maximum Efficiency Fume Hood | Longo


Waldner’s Secuflow– a maximum efficiency fume hood and containment system- is now available through Longo Labs!

From routine lab work to the handling of high thermal and acid loads, Secuflow fume hoods are a brilliant investment for any laboratory. With Secuflow, supportive air is systematically directed into the internal workspace from the aerodynamically designed sill on the side panel and along the worktop. This prevents turbulences and perfectly stabilizes inflow air.

Extraction is performed safely on the rear panel of the fume hood slightly above the worktop, around the service panels and through the top panel.

Due to optimized flow in our new fume hoods, the new Secuflow offers even more safety and requires less energy. When the internal workspace is extensively equipped or a lot of movement is taking place in front of the fume hood, the Secuflow still shows excellent containment values- even when the sash is open.

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