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    Longo has combined form and function to develop the efficient, innovative, and economical Trifacial Service Island. The Trifacial Service Island is a smart choice for any educational institution looking to get the most out of their chemistry laboratories, biology laboratories, and STEM laboratories.

    Space is at a premium in many science laboratories, and the Trifacial Service Island enables today’s labs to make the most of their space. The innovative shape of modern science laboratory furniture provides plenty of space to work for three students. In addition to the large amount of workspace, the Trifacial Service Island features a roomy tub sink, plenty of counter space, and access to water, gas, and electricity.

    Because all of these features are located in one station, students can do their work in one space, without having to move about the laboratory. In addition to creating less traffic and disruption throughout the laboratory, combining these features into one unit also increases safety.

    When combined with wing tables, the Trifacial Service Island is able to accommodate 12 working students, compared to the eight students typical service islands support. Because Trifacial Service Islands can be configured to support more students, fewer are required. A laboratory requires only two of these centers to accommodate 24 students, making it an economical choice for many science laboratories.

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