Axis Tables

Axis student laboratory tables double as learning centers and integrate computer technology. Learn More

General Science Tables

General science tables are the economical choice for any school environment. Learn More

Island / Pier Tables

Island Lab Table and Pier Lab Tables are ideal for all science applications, providing easy access to services and abundant countertop workspace. Learn More

TE II Laboratory Center Tables

TE II Laboratory Center tables that maximize space and promote student collaboration. Learn More

Trifacial Tables

Trifacial student laboratory tables able to accommodate large groups of students, and have the ability to be integrated water, gas, and electricity. Learn More

Longo features a full line of student laboratory tables ideal for many different scientific learning environments. Laboratory tables are sturdy and designed to withstand years of use, which means that in addition to being functional they are also very cost efficient.

Student laboratory tables come in many different sizes, and with a wide range of modern accessories to facilitate the learning process. Longo’s most popular student laboratory tables include the Axis, the TE II Laboratory Center, and the Trifacial. Each of these laboratory tables has certain features that make them ideal for specific environments.

When choosing student laboratory tables, it’s important to think about the type of work that will be done at the tables, the number of students they will accommodate, and the space they will be housed in.

Want More?

The laboratory design specialists at Longo have decades of experience planning laboratories that suit specific needs. Speak with an Expert about choosing student laboratory tables that will help you best meet your goals.

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