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Flexible workstations for students and their instructors, designed to meet the fluctuating demands of any educational science application.

Longo offers adaptable workstation solutions designed to facilitate the constant, day-to-day repurposing of today’s K-12 learning environments. With features such as height adjustability, lockable casters, and interchangeable service modules, our workstations provide the flexibility needed in order to accommodate the unique needs and requirements of each user in the classroom.

Axis Workstations for Educational Labs

Axis Workstation

Height adjustable workstation with convenient quick connect services to the ceiling and an optional mobile base.

TEII Work Center for Educational Labs

TEII Work Center

Uniquely shaped workstation for improved traffic flow within the room, with various under storage options and an optional trough sink.

TEII Work Center for Educational Labs
Island Pier Table for Educational Labs

Island + Pier Table

Traditional 2-4 student tables, with easy access to services and abundant counterspace for working.

Instructor Desk for Educational Labs

Instructor Desk

Demonstration and storage combined in one unit, with a chemical resistant worktop and built-in electrical capability.

Instructor Desk for Educational Labs
Utility Sinks for Educational Labs

Utility Sink Station

Multi-user cleanup station with stainless steel basin and cabinet under storage.

Want More?

The laboratory design specialists at Longo have decades of experience planning laboratories that suit specific needs. Speak with an expert about choosing workstations that will help you best meet your goals.