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Fume Hoods

// Energy saving fume hoods with decreased turbulence, unsurpassed containment and advanced airflow technology.

High Performance or Low Velocity Fume Hoods are designed for optimal energy conservation. With advanced airflow and containment features, they allow for safe operation at lower face velocity set points than typical chemistry fume hoods. Longo offers high-performance hood systems by Waldner and Labconco in a variety of heights, depths and configurations.

Advanced Airflow Technology

The Secuflow series by Waldner, features optimized supply and exhaust air ducts, for superior airflow regulation. The aerodynamic sill design stabilizes the inflow air and completely protects the internal workspace from being disturbed. Extraction is performed safely on the rear panel of the fume hood, slightly above the worktop, around the service panels, and the top panel of the hood. Secuflow fume hoods are energy efficient, perfectly ergonomic and provide a larger internal workspace for laboratory work.

For larger apparatus and routine hood procedures to the handling of high thermal and acid loads, Longo offers a high performance system for your application.

High Performance Fume Hood in a Commercial Lab