Our Role in Renovating the Essex County Newark Tech High School in New Jersey

Essex County Newark Tech

How We Renovated Science Classrooms for a Technical High School in New Jersey

At Longo Labs, we take pride in each of our renovation projects, especially when it involves a school. We recently had the privilege of being a part of a groundbreaking renovation project in Essex County, New Jersey, where we renovated four science classrooms at Newark Tech High School. This was part of a larger school renovation project worth more than $32 million, which included a team of local contractors, faculty, and administration from the Essex County School District, all working together to provide proper learning facilities for hundreds of students.

Collaboration is Key

For this project, we collaborated with Di Cara | Rubino Architects to design, plan, and execute all four of the science lab renovations. Epic Management was the contractor responsible for the construction, and Jingoli & Sons acted as the project’s construction manager. This project showcased how a community can come together to take care of its children, and the result was a stunning transformation that caught the attention of online news sites like TapintoNewark, Patch.com, and essexcountynj.org.

Making Renovation Projects Affordable

Essex County was able to afford this renovation project by being reimbursed for 90% of the cost through state grants, with the remaining $16 million being funded by the sale of old buildings no longer needed by the school. However, we understand that not all schools have the same resources. That’s why we offer purchasing contracts to make lab renovations and other projects more affordable for schools. These contracts allow school districts to effectively budget and even purchase directly from us, giving them the freedom to decide which of our high-quality educational lab products they would like to use in their science classrooms.

High-Quality Educational Lab Products

For the Newark Tech High School renovation project, we used our top-of-the-line educational lab products to renovate all four science classrooms. We made sure to incorporate products that emphasized safety, versatility, and highly-effective functionality, including Wood Laboratory Casework, Epoxy Resin Countertops, Fume Hoods, and Axis Student Laboratory Workstations. These products were perfect for what Newark Tech needed, and they turned out beautifully in each of the newly renovated science rooms.

Planning Your Lab Renovation Project

We believe that every student deserves to have access to high-quality learning facilities like the ones we provided for Newark Tech High School. If you have been considering a lab renovation project but are hesitant due to financial concerns, we want to assure you that it is possible. At Longo Labs, we are here to help you plan, design, and execute your entire science lab renovation project. You can contact us at either (800) 635-6646 or (201) 825-1500 to get started. Let us be a part of the “village” that helps to “raise” your children. Contact us today to plan your lab renovations!