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Fab Labs vs. Makerspaces vs. STEM Labs standard

Fab Labs, Makerspaces, and STEM labs are three types of educational environments that play a prominent role in today’s education. In this article we will be discussing the differences between the three types of spaces, as well as the benefits, and some of the challenges that come with them. Fab Labs Fab Labs are high tech areas capable of mass-producing any size product, and are focused around sharing knowledge, designs, and collaborating across international borders. In their simplest form, they are a global network of local labs enabling invention. There are four criteria a facility must have to be considered a Fab Lab: 1) provide free public access, 2) support and subscribe to the Fab Lab charter, 3) share a ...

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2019 Laboratory Furniture Trends standard

Laboratory Manager recently released its’ ‘Purchasing Trends and the Future of Laboratories Survey’. The annual survey consisted of 774 individuals with 60% of them holding managerial positions for their respected companies. The results of the survey featured promising statistics, current concerns for the future of commercial laboratory expansion, and the push toward laboratory modernization across a multitude of markets. Below you can see some brief insights that caught our interest. Laboratory Modernization on the Rise! Compared to 2018 respondent survey results, net changes for companies interested in upgrading their commercial laboratory with modern furniture increased from 4.55% to 5.35%. This is an extremely promising statistic for further developing flexible laboratory spaces with modular casework and high-performance fume hoods, and will ...

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How to Design a Fume Hood Facility standard

When it comes to fume hood facility design, there are two main goals to meet: Ensuring that the design of the fume hood facility meets the laboratory working goals Ensuring that the design of the fume hood facility meets all safety requirements In order to meet these goals, there are three steps you must follow. Determine the facility’s needs. Collect and analyze information related to the facility’s primary needs. Determine how often the laboratory will be used, the functions that will be performed in the laboratory, the chemicals and materials that will be used in the fume hood laboratory, and the levels of hazard and risk. In addition, you’ll need to determine the mechanical and electrical needs of the laboratory. ...

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Waldner to Showcase Modern Laboratory Furniture System in Chelsea, Massachusetts standard

Waldner is the largest laboratory furniture manufacturer in the world, and they are now opening up a three-story showroom in Chelsea, Massachusetts to showcase their SCALA Laboratory Furniture System. Waldner has been producing innovative laboratory solutions for any requirements in Wangen, Germany for more than 60 years. Recently, Longo Labs has represented the SCALA Line and featured it on a number of commercial and higher educational laboratory projects. The showroom is expected to feature a multitude of industry-leading laboratory products, including the Secuflow Fume Hood. The exact address of the showroom is 46 Arlington Street, in Chelsea, MA, right near Admirals Hill, which hosts a healthy dose of Bostonian history. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss ...

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Wood vs. Metal Casework- How to Choose the Right Material for your Laboratory standard

In this article, we are going to delve into the differences between wood and metal casework for science labs. For our readers that don’t know, casework is just another word for cabinetry. Casework is important because it is usually 5-10% of a project’s budget. Advantages of Wood Casework -Ideal for an educational environment that utilizes corrosive applications in moderation, such as chemistry, biology, or physics laboratories. -Extremely durable and easy to repair- making it the product of choice among K-12 Educational Laboratories  with rambunctious students -A multitude of stains for Oak and Maple wood species allows for a versatile finish selection Advantages of Metal Casework -Ideal for a Commercial or Research laboratory environment’s that utilize harsh chemicals in abundance -Long ...

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