What Mount Academy Said About Working With Longo

From a school official that worked with Longo Associates on the Mount Academy Science Lab project:

“When the Mount Academy was faced with equipping a science lab for our new location – a renovated monastery – we turned to Longo Associates.

From the beginning they were helpful in the choice of equipment and its layout. Along the way we had various challenges connected with constraints placed on us relating to the fact that it was a 100 year old stone building and that we wanted to maintain the ambience. In addition there was a time constraint as we were determined to have everything completed by the time we opened our doors for the new school year.

With the help of Longo Associates which included several site visits for consultation and installation we were able to meet the deadline and overcome the challenges. The result is a beautiful space which is a delight to both teach and learn in, and it will serve us well into the future.”

Please direct all inquiries with regards to school laboratory planning, science furniture and construction projects to the marketing department at Longo.  To request a consultant & laboratory space evaluation, email Nat Longo.  Nat Longo has been building school science labs and commercial laboratories for over 25 years.  Project lists are available from Longo if you wish to see where we have worked in NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA & RI.

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