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    Total Experience II Laboratory Centers (or TEII, TE2 for short) is a great addition to any school science laboratory classroom concerned with maximizing space and ensuring the student safety. The TEII is available with many options that allow it to be customized for any school science lab space. These lab tables can typically be found in the following classrooms:

    – biology labs
    – chemistry labs; these TEII tables are with trough sink and combination cold water/gas fixtures, electrical duplexes
    – physics labs; these TEII tables are without the trough sink in the middle and may be specified without the marine-edge option for the counter top

    Science students at the Total Experience II Laboratory Center work across from each other, instead of back-to-back. Students can now work more easily together fostering a collaborative learning environment. Not to mention the level of safety increaseing as TEII student lab tables help create unobstructed traffic lanes and aisles.

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