When it comes to furnishing multipurpose classrooms with modern science laboratory furniture, the Axis Infinity Student Laboratory Table goes to the head of the class.

The Axis Table (short for Axis Infinity Student Laboratory Table) is ideal for educators looking for science laboratory workstations able to accommodate both lecture and laboratory functions. This student workstation maximizes the available classroom space by eliminating the need for a separate space. With the press of a button, the classroom is transformed from lecture to lab as the countertop rise from sitting height (30″H) to standing height (36″H). Time is not wasted transitioning from lecture to laboratory or moving to another classroom.

This highly versatile & flexible workstation features a unique shape that allows for at least four students to work collaboratively at the table. The countertop allows students to safely work in groups without having to move around the classroom. The proximity to the Axis Table’s large sink is also another plus.

In addition, it’s forward-facing design allows the students to be facing the teacher during both lecture and laboratory. This science lab design is highly recommended by science teacher organizations.

The Axis Infinity table is ideal for many science classrooms:

– middle school physical science
– high school biology
– high school chemistry
– high school earth science
– high school physics
– Robotics

The Axis Table was the very first student laboratory table to integrate technology use. The table comes with a full range of ports and electrical outlets. With ease, students can enhance their classroom learning with computers, monitors, laptops, and tablets.

Want More?

To learn more about how to choose a student laboratory table to suit your specific needs, Contact a Longo Labs Representative.

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