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Glassware Washers


// Undercounter and freestanding washers for superior cleaning of labware and glassware.

Longo offers high-quality, automated glassware cleaning systems by Labconco that are versatile, reliable and efficient. With interchangeable racks, inserts, holders and baskets, more than 5,000 configurations of labware can be washed at one time. The SteamScrubber system is designed for cleaning general labware such as beakers, utensils and test tubes, and our FlaskScrubber system, for cleaning narrow-neck glassware, such as volumetric and Erlenmeyer flasks.


Multiple interchangeable racks. Numerous inserts, holders and baskets. Labconco washers can handle more than 5,000 configurations of labware.


Labconco Glassware Washers are made to last, with lab-grade components for critical cleaning. CleanWorks™ OS produces reliable, repeatable results. Every time.


Labconco Glassware Washers don’t just save time compared to hand washing. They reduce water consumption by up to 40%, which translates to energy savings and reduced environmental impact.


  • Clean Flasks, Narrow-neck Glassware, Beakers, Utensils + Test Tubes
  • Flexible Spindle Racks with Interchangeable Rows
  • Adjustable Height Upper Rack
  • Heats to 199.5°F
  • Faster Heating Provides Three-fold Increase in Water Heating Time (Select Models Only)
  • Speedvent Technology for Shorter Drying Time
  • Touch Screen Interface