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Worktops, Fixtures + Accessories


Service fixtures, work surfaces and lab accessories, engineered for performance and durability.

Choosing the most suitable fixtures and countertops for your laboratory depends on basic factors such as the application, intended use of the workspace and of course, budget. Longo offers a wide selection of fixtures for plumbing, electrical and gas services. Our countertops and work surfaces are available in epoxy, phenolic resin, and steel.

Work Surfaces for Educational Labs

Work Surfaces

Durable work surfaces with functional edge treatments and backsplash styles.

Sink Accessories for Educational Labs

Sinks, Fixtures + Accessories

Fixtures, pegboards, uprights and accessories, configurable for any application.

Sink Accessories for Educational Labs
Glassware Washer for Educational Labs

Glassware Washers

Undercounter and freestanding washers for superior cleaning of labware and glassware.

Want More?

The laboratory design specialists at Longo have decades of experience planning laboratories that suit specific needs. Speak with an expert about choosing worktops, fixtures and accessories that will help you best meet your goals.