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Biological Safety Cabinet

Fume Hoods

// Safety enclosures designed for superior user-protection, for applications involving airborne hazards.

Biological Safety Cabinets or BSCs, provide environmental, personnel and product protection from dangerous airborne substances. For research involving infectious microorganisms and other hazardous particulate materials, BSCs are utilized to create a safe working environment.

Longo offers multiple classes of Biosafety Cabinets by Labconco. Depending on the type of cabinet, varying levels of protection are provided for the user, experiment and/or the laboratory environment. Class I BSCs have an open front, operate under negative pressure and only provide user protection. Class II are suitable for work with or without hazardous chemistry, can be ducted or ductless, and provide containment of biological, particle and chemical hazards. And Class III BSCs are completely enclosed with attached rubber gloves to facilitate the safe handling of dangerous substances inside the structure.

A lab specialist from Longo will help you select the proper enclosure for your intended operation. Choosing the appropriate Biological Safety Cabinet for your application will protect the user, the lab itself, and preserve the integrity of your work.


Biosafety Cabinet Fume Hood in a Commercial Lab