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Fume Hoods

// Bench-mounted fume hoods and work surfaces for general chemistry applications.

From light duty enclosures for nuisance vapors to sophisticated hood systems for hazardous fumes, Longo can provide a perfectly tailored benchtop solution. We offer a full line of benchmount systems, from High Performance models, to standard Airfoil, Perchloric Acid, Radio Isotope Fume Hoods and more.

Longo’s Benchtop Series Fume Hoods by Labscape, are engineered for superior performance and design flexibility, with accessories and components to adapt for all laboratory requirements. Our benchtop hoods can be configured to your exact specifications for height, depth, sash style, base cabinets, worktop, plumbing, electrical accessories, and more.

Fume Hood Base Cabinets

Longo offers a wide selection of fume hood base cabinet heights and configurations. Base cabinets for flammable and acid storage are built to OSHA and NFPA specifications, guaranteed to provide safe and dependable protection of corrosive materials and flammable liquids that are stored in the lab.

Work Surfaces + Fixtures

From the lightest of workloads to the harshest of applications, Longo offers an appropriate hood base or worktop for your commercial or industrial laboratory. Our work surfaces are available in many shapes and sizes, varying in color, edge finish and surface style. All of our tops and fixtures are tested to SEFA standards for performance, durability, and structural integrity, to ensure the future safety and longevity of your laboratory.


  • Full-frame Construction
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Shaft Drive Sash
  • U.L. Listed Poly Resin Liner
  • LED Light with Bulbs
  • Flush-mount Airfoil
  • Knock Down Capability
  • Full-length Finger Lift
  • Louvered Front for Bypass
  • 10″ Round S/S Duct Collar


Steel Hood Base Cabinets
  • Off White
  • Champagne
  • Light Almond
  • Fawn Beige
  • Medium Blue
  • Black
  • Banker’s Grey
  • Hunter Green
  • Burgundy
  • Petal White
  • Wedgewood Blue
  • Stone Gray
  • Pewter
  • Model Gray


Benchtop Fume Hood for Commercial Labs