Readington Middle School Science Lab Renovation | Longo

Located approximately 60 miles west of New York City, the Readington Middle School is home to children in 6th through 8th grades. With approximately 750 students, some renovations were needed to the existing science labs.

The AIA Firm, SSP Architects, provided the architectural expertise for the project. Utilizing the Educational Services Commission of NJ (ESCNJ) purchasing program, new, high quality science lab furniture was obtained at a reasonable cost. Longo Labs, with its extensive experience and expertise in science lab renovation projects, was chosen to provide the following products:

Sheldon Wood Laboratory Casework, Resin Counter Tops

Pictured below is a stock photo of the product:

The choice of the Sheldon Wood Laboratory Casework and Resin Counter Tops provided the opportunity for customization, as well as being a sturdy base for any equipment or materials being used in experiments.

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