Course Number:  L002, Understanding Laboratory Fume Hoods Webinar


The Fume hood is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in the laboratory.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the least understood.  Many problems occur when fume hoods are improperly specified and used.  Some problems merely create inefficiencies in processes while others create serious safety hazards.  This program provides a brief review of the history of hoods and how they have evolved into their current forms.  The basic components of fume hood systems are identified and discussed.  Attendees will understand how the system works, indicators of poor operation, necessary test parameters and limitations of specific types of fume hoods.  Specification parameters for common applications are presented and discussed.

Course Number:  L003, The Basics of Laboratory Planning Webinar


The laboratory is a complex environment with many variables.  It is also extremely expensive space.  When measurements are made in microns, there is no such thing as a small or insignificant detail and a poorly planned laboratory will certainly result in a functional and economic disaster.  Laboratory planning requires many years of experience and each facility has a unique set of design parameters.  There are, however, a number of general factors that must be considered and prioritized.  This program identifies some of the basic parameters that are important for an efficient laboratory plan.  It includes a photographic presentation of common problems and overlooked details.

Course Number:  L004, Casework and Materials for the Laboratory Environment Webinar


Proper selection of laboratory casework must begin with an awareness of industry standards and offerings.  This program presents an overview of the different types of products currently available and trends for the future.  It also identifies the selection parameters that must be addressed when specifying for various types of applications.  Casework, counter tops and storage systems designed specifically for the laboratory environment are addressed.

Course Number:  L005, Planning Educational Science Facilities Webinar


Few environments are as dynamic as the school science facility.  Science laboratories and classrooms must not only satisfy the basic requirements for specific subjects, but they must address continuous changes in technology and interaction across disciplines.  Facilities must be designed to be safe and functional spaces for today and to anticipate and accommodate the technology of tomorrow.  This program presents nationally accepted guidelines regarding the planning of science facilities for teaching.  General requirements, as well as teacher and student needs are presented.  It also addresses such topics as storage requirements, ADA guidelines, computers and fume hoods / ventilation.  Selection of casework, furnishings and counter top materials is also presented.

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