The Florham Park Project Has Been Completed

Longo Labs is Proud to Announce the Completion of Florham Park Water Treatment Facility

In the Fall of 2020, our team met with scientists to discuss updating their current space. The finished update included resin countertops, metal casework, and a fume hood.

These improvements made a huge difference and are the highlight of what Longo Labs was able to assist with, but there is much more to the project. Read more below to see the planning process, before and after photos, and more.

How Longo Labs Brought Yet Another Lab Space to Life

Per our process, Long Labs met with the Florham Park Water Treatment Facility in the Fall of 2020 for this initial meeting. With this consultation, we were able to determine the needs of their lab and how to properly apply the unique products and services to their future space. From there, we formulated a plan and created a preliminary design based on their lab’s needs.

Safety First, Always

When it comes to modernizing a lab there are plenty of ways to make it look great but what’s most important is making sure that it is safe and meets code. Without this, all of the bells and whistles won’t matter. Function and safety is at the forefront of our design and this is certainly present in our lab design and completion for Florham Park Water Treatment Facility.

In addition to making sure this lab was safe and code-compliant we also took care of the following:

  • Casework/Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Metal cabinets
  • Fume Hood


As a part of the services we have to offer, we are able to assist in the design phase from preliminary drawings to official fabrication drawings. Florham Park Water Treatment Facility chose a metal color of Wedgewood Blue. Depending on your preferences, we can design a lab that matches your branding or aesthetic needs.

Why Choose Longo Labs for Your Lab Design or Remodel

When it comes to designing a new lab, quality is an absolute must. Fortunately, Longo Labs can offer a high quality experience from start to finish. You’ll get face to face engagement with our experts and engineers who are not only professionals in safety and code-compliance, but also with design and functionality.

With these two talents combined, as well as dependable delivery, you can rest assured that working with our experts will provide you with a safe and functional lab you will love.

This project is a great example of that. As we stated before, this project really began in the Fall of 2020 and was completed in late early Summer of 2021.

Choosing Longo Labs means choosing a quick delivery without losing quality. To get started with a consultation, click here or call us at 800 635 6646.

Take a Look at our gallery of this project here: