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    Longo Labs offers a full line of plastic laminate casework for early education centers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities. Base, wall and tall cabinets is available in fixed and modular styles. With so many configurations available, plastic laminate casework can provide a storage solution for many spaces. These laminate cabinets are great for the following spaces:

    – general storage areas in elementary schools
    – art rooms in elementary/middle/high schools
    – culinary arts classrooms in high schools

    High-pressure laminates come in many colors, textures, and surface materials. They are ideal for both general storage areas and for science laboratory environments. Resins can be introduced to the surface materials to make them chemical or abrasion resistant. Plastic laminate casework is generally less expensive when compared to wood or metal.

    When choosing your casework material be sure to discuss with your laboratory’s users the type of work in the laboratory. An experienced laboratory designer can help you determine how to select the right type of plastic laminate cabinet.

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    For more information on the pros and cons of plastic laminate casework and to determine if laminate cabinets is right for you, Contact a Longo Labs Representative.

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