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Fume Hoods

// Self-contained enclosure with carbon filtration, for protection from hazardous fumes and vapors.

Ductless Fume Hoods use advanced filtration technology to provide protection from fumes, odors, and particulates. Primarily used for light use and low risk laboratory work, they require no ductwork and are an ideal ventilation solution for applications requiring shared use of the hood.

Longo provides Ductless or “Low Volume” Hoods by Erlab, made to yield maximum energy efficiency and savings in operating costs. Contaminated air passes through a filter and redistributed back into the laboratory. Zero ductwork is required, as charcoal based filters absorb the fumes and prevent them from dispersing back in the laboratory air.

Filtration Technology

Air Intake Through the Openings
Air from the laboratory enters the hood through ergonomic openings. The air face velocity creates a dynamic barrier between the user and the chemicals being handled.

Filtration of Particles and Molecules
The device ventilation system draws the particles and any molecules that have evaporated in the hood toward the filtration system. The level of containment provided by the hood prevents any pollutants from being released into the laboratory.

Clean Air into the Laboratory
The filtration technology customized to the application traps the molecules that have evaporated within the enclosure. The discharged air is free from all pollutants.

Purification of the Ambient Air
The continuous re-circulation of the filtered air helps to purify the ambient air of the laboratory.


Ductless Fume Hood for an Educational Lab