Elevating Science Education at St. Bartholomew Academy

Longo Labs Transforms St. Bartholomew’s Science Lab

Creating the perfect learning environment is an ever-evolving challenge in the dynamic world of education. Longo Labs understands the need for top-tier solutions, and their recent project with St. Bartholomew Academy, a private Catholic school, showcases their commitment to excellence. This project, which involved equipping a science lab with new furniture, was nothing short of impressive, and the way it all came together is a testament to Longo’s dedication and expertise.

The journey began with a unique twist – St. Bartholomew Academy, a private institution, didn’t require the typical purchasing contract. Longo Labs engaged directly with the school, making the decision-making process agile and efficient. They had a swift turnaround, with the first meeting in May and the delivery and installation completed by September. This quick action demonstrated their commitment to promptly meeting the school’s specific needs.

High-Pressure Plastic Laminate: Versatile and Budget-Friendly

Longo Labs, known for its comprehensive offerings, selected a combination of elements that transformed the classroom into a flexible science lab.

They introduced plastic laminate casework, known for its lightweight yet durable properties. With over 250 color options, it’s ideal for environments within the K-12 private & public school sectors. The flexibility of plastic laminate casework allows for dynamic configuration and easy maintenance. Its widespread use in educational settings, including art rooms, culinary labs, and science labs, attests to its practicality.

High-pressure plastic laminate countertops, suitable for light-duty applications, offer a balance of style and functionality. They are budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and stylish – an excellent choice for various educational settings.

Work Surface Styles: Tailored for Comfort and Functionality

The project with St. Bartholomew Academy is a testament to Longo Labs’ commitment to providing top-tier solutions for educational institutions. Their ability to adapt and deliver on time, even without a purchasing contract, is a testament to their agility and dedication. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including casework, work surfaces, fixtures, and accessories. Longo Labs ensures that the science lab is not just a space but an environment where students can excel. Their commitment to customization and the wide range of choices highlights their dedication to making every project unique and tailored to the client’s needs.

Enhance Education with Longo Labs: Your School’s Best Partner

The collaboration between Longo Labs and St. Bartholomew Academy is a remarkable example of how innovation and expertise can transform a simple classroom into a flexible science lab. Longo Labs’ dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the project, from product selection to installation. This project is not just about providing furniture; it’s about creating an environment that fosters learning, creativity, and exploration. With Longo Labs, the future of science education looks brighter than ever.

Choose Longo Labs and elevate your learning space to new heights.

Longo Labs doesn’t just stop at material choice; they offer a variety of edge treatments and backsplash options to enhance functionality, safety, and comfort. Whether it’s the marine edge for lab tables and counters to contain liquid spills, the beveled or radiused edge for comfort, or the drain top for improved drainage, their worksurfaces are designed with precision and practicality in mind.

Make sure to design and prepare your classroom, knowing that students deserve the best, and Longo Labs is here to deliver it. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or a school administrator, you’ll appreciate the difference our tables can make. Make the intelligent choice and create a learning space that nurtures, engages, and inspires.

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