laboratory service module-boom


The Suspended Service Boom is equipped with removable panels along with an internal rail to bring services to any workstation within a new or existing laboratory environment. Learn More

flexible service modules-columns


The Service Column is a compact service supply that can be installed directly into an existing laboratory or it can be added to a mobile grid system via the service ceiling. Learn More

flexible service module-laboratory duct


Service Ducts can be installed directly on the wall or in connection with a service spine and make for a perfect complement to a single sided work station. Learn More

laboratory service spine


The Service Spine provides many options during the design of the laboratory. As a freestanding unit the service spine is perfect for any laboratory environment with services coming from below (floor-mounted). Learn More

laboratory service wings


The Service Wing maximizes flexibility in the laboratory as a central service unit that integrates sanitary, electrical, EDP, LED lighting, extract air and also the disposal of waste water.  Learn More

Waldner Laboratory Service Ceiling

The All-In-One Solution for Modular Laboratories:

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