Fume Hoods & Extraction Systems

Maximize your Workspace with a Modular Fume Hood System

Determining the most suitable fume hood system(s) for your laboratory not only requires the knowledge of the intended laboratory processes and chemicals to be used, but also having the appropriate experience with all laboratory applications. A fume hood is an extremely important piece of technical equipment in any laboratory setting and should be chosen carefully. When choosing the proper fume hood system(s) for any laboratory workspace we always consider the following factors: Fume Hood Efficiency, Supply & Exhaust Balance, Duct & Blower Capacity, Air Movement Characteristics, System Limitations and Potential Pollution Issues.

At Longo Labs we have the expertise to plan, build and install the safest, most efficient fume hood system best suited to your specific laboratory needs. Discover the innovative technology that the leading laboratories of the world are using today.

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