Laboratory Benches

Laboratory benches are key piece of high school science lab furniture, as they are the place where student work and experimentation occurs. Today’s laboratory must be flexible in order to fit changing needs, so it makes sense that modern laboratory benches can be easily adapted to suit specific spaces.

To promote the flexibility that today’s labs are looking for, many of the laboratory benches on the market are modular. This enables them to fit current and future lab spaces, and also to be configured for both individual and group study. Because modular lab benches fit today’s space and tomorrow’s, they are an economical choice for chemistry labs and biology labs.

Pier Lab Tables are modular lab benches that can be configured in several different ways, to suit both educational and space needs, including traditional perimeter layouts as well as unique layouts.

Pier Lab Benches have ample counter top space, and many different types of drawer and cupboard configurations depending upon your specific storage needs. Trademark construction prevents loose legs and ensures a sturdy surface even years of use.

All of Longo’s laboratory benches can be custom built, ensuring that your high school laboratory furniture meets your exact educational, space, and storage needs.

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To discuss your specific high school laboratory needs, and to choose laboratory benches that will suit your goals, Contact a Longo Labs Representative.

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