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Today’s elementary science laboratory must be flexible to accommodate children at different stages, durable to withstand heavy use, and configurable to allow for both experimentation and study. Longo lab has answered the call for these modern elementary science and math classroom needs by designing a full line of elementary science lab furniture.

Early science laboratory furniture such as the Bi-Level Activity Center is designed to accommodate children in Kindergarten through Grade 5. The colorful tabletops have write-on, wipe-off surfaces, and can be imprinted with linear scales, grids, and other measurements. Bi-level activity centers are fully adjustable, and can be used sitting down or standing up. In addition, they can be combined with other modules, such as the Trifacial Service Island, to create workstations ideal for group collaboration.

Older elementary and middle-school students can benefit from the Two-Student Bi-Level, which adjusts to four positions, including an incline position ideal for drafting. This two-student activity center also features a surface to write on.

Sheldon’s Science Learning Centers were designed to accommodate both science and math classrooms. This science and math discovery center features colorful write-on, wipe-off tops.

For math and science classrooms that require ultimate flexibility, Longo introduces the Portable Discover Center. The Portable Discover Center is a moveable science and math center on wheels, complete with tabletop and storage area, that provides science and math experimentation wherever it’s needed. The center comes with a wide variety of accessories that make it adaptable to a wide variety of experiments and use. Similar to the Portable Discover Center, the Science/Math Discover Center is geared toward older elementary and middle-grade students.

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