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When it comes to planning and designing an school art room, it’s important to consider the design and construction of art room furniture. Sturdy, functional furniture designed to fit the space and meet educational needs will facilitate the art teaching process in a space that will last many years.

Longo Labs provides both wood and laminate art room casework and cabinetry for the storage of student artwork and supplies. Art room furniture is designed to stand up to student use, meaning schools and universities can enjoy it for years without having to spend money on costly replacements. Wooden art room casework and cabinetry is available in several different species, styles, and configurations, and can be designed to fit your current aesthetic and functional needs. Like wood art room furniture, laminate art room furniture comes in many styles and colors.

Longo also offers a full line of art room sinks. Art rooms sinks are stainless steel, come in several different sizes, and are designed to be easy to clean, durable, and resistant to stains.

In addition to art room cabinetry and art room sinks, Longo also offers a full line of stackable storage, glazing and spray booths, craft benches, and heavy-duty workbenches.

Want More?

Longo’s team of experts have more than four decades of evaluating art room spaces and are standing by to help you design and plan yours. For more information on planning, designing, and furnishing your educational art room lab Contact a Longo Labs Representative.

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