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Is it Time to Replace Your Science Lab Furniture? standard

One of your top goals is to ensure that your science laboratory operates as efficiently as possible. In order for a science lab to operate efficiently, the equipment and design must meet modern standards. If your laboratory furniture is on the older side, in disrepair, or no longer complements your laboratory design, then it is having a negative impact towards its efficiency. Sometimes, your science laboratory furniture is damaged, but can still be repaired with basic woodworking and refinishing skills.  Unfortunately in most situations with older material, laboratory furniture is beyond repair. If your laboratory furniture is in disrepair, make plans to fix or replace it immediately. Laboratory furniture in poor condition makes for an inefficient work space. Sometimes, your ...

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How to Select Educational Laboratory Furniture for your Science Classroom standard

When it comes to choosing laboratory furniture for your educational fume hood laboratory, it’s important to remember that the furniture you choose, and the way you arrange it, will have a significant impact on the way your students learn. This article explores four things to think about when choosing laboratory furniture for the educational setting. Arrangement: Furniture should be arranged so that students can view the teacher; for example, demonstration fume hoods and classroom furniture should be arranged so that students can easily view the fume hood from seated areas. Furniture should be placed so that each student has plenty of room to work but should also be situated to make collaborative work possible. Function: Furniture should be appropriate for ...

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STEM Classroom Renovation at New Providence standard

Back in 2016, the New Providence Board of Education successfully passed a referendum to put $15.9 million dollars towards improving the district’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs, as well as increasing enrollment, improving aging infrastructure and improving security. The referendum proposed a classroom at Salt Brook Elementary and locker rooms at Allen W. Roberts Elementary to be remodeled into specialty STEM classrooms; New Providence High School would have two classrooms converted into STEM rooms, as well as turning an existing wing into a universal science lab; The high school would also add a graphic arts room and an industrial arts room. Longo Labs worked with Settembrino Architects to get the job done. The products for the project, which were ...

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Longo Makes it Easy: Save Money and Time by Purchasing on Contract! standard

Saving is simple with us! Enjoy all the purchasing benefits of buying on contract with Longo.   Today, purchasing is an essential activity for any non-profit organization, educational, healthcare, or government institution. When purchasing, most organizations and institutions are bound by a budget that can be difficult to stick to. This can cause renovations and new construction projects to be held up, which ultimately results in overspending. Purchasing contracts are set up with the capability of saving time and money. The contracts have been established with qualified vendors at competitive prices. Smaller entities have just as much purchasing power as larger ones. Both the vendor and the buyer benefit from these contracts, as the delivery of goods and services is quick ...

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ROBOTICS LABS: The Future is NOW! standard

YOUR ROBOTICS WORKSHOP AWAITS! START YOUR 2018 TRANSFORMATION TODAY! Longo has been building & renovating modern school laboratories for over 50 years. Whether you’r planning a new lab or transforming and reprogramming an existing space, you can trust us to assist you with every aspect of your project: Budgeting, Planning, Installation, Lease-purchase Finance Options Quality furniture systems & equipment Available on purchasing contract  

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